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Who is KT?
Who are the Knights Templar [KT]?

Knights Templar has a strong community focus, both within the guild and for those who they meet online. This is reflected in everything KT members do, from their operation of a fansite to including non-members in groups for missions or PvP play. We are a tight-knit group of kindred spirits dedicated to relaxing with friends, and having fun. We are a democratic guild, respecting the ideas and opinions of all members. KT does not have imposing rules but requires respect, honesty, and honor. We endeavor to support the whole Guild Wars community and enjoy the fellowship of other guilds. Whether it is PvP or PvE, KT will always strive to provide strong competition, organization, and a helping hand. Knights Templar has a long storied history within the Guild Wars Franchise.

Knights Templar Guild History
The guild Knights Templar [KT] was came together in late 2003 by group of close friends who met several years earlier while playing Diablo II: LoD. Knights Templar members have a diverse online gaming history that includes other games like Star Craft, Enemy Territory, and more. As a result of our search for adventure in a new game, we discovered Guild Wars and were granted entrance into Alpha Testing through our friendship with Photics.

Knights Templar has always sought to game fairly and just, treating others as equals, and helping each other build our characters while enjoying our guild’s community. The Knights Templar has quite a few female members which contribute to a very enjoyable online experience. We are not a guild out looking to grow in numbers just for the sake of numbers. KT has always looked for quality over quantity of members, with a significant number of close friends and family. Entrance into KT is definitely by “invitation only’.

During the early days of Alpha testing, there were limited numbers to form groups for testing Guild versus Guild combat (GvG). KT joined with several other fine guilds such as the Isle of Misfits, LoA, and ETC, among others, to be known as G.A.M.E. As Alpha testing progressed and our guilds grew together, the European Terminal Clan formally merged with KT. Each group has been able to maintain their unique heritage and remain an independent legion, yet fully part of Knights Templar. ETC is now commonly called the European Templar Crew.

A long time guild member, Eva Tempsta, shares how they see KT as a guild:
“KT puts a strong emphasis on quality over quantity in terms of its members. We try and maintain a high caliber of ethics and sportsmanship in all of our actions. Any new growth to the guild will be small and over a period of time so that we may evaluate a players personality as well as their skill. Our current members are active and skilled players who continue to improve with each battle while enjoying each other’s company and discovering new facets of the game. KT is a top PvP contender and a role model due to the behavior of its members and their willingness to help the community of Guild Wars continue to thrive.”

Knights Templar Milestones:
-January 2004, Knights Templar guild officially founded.

-March 2004, KT Members begin entrance into Guild Wars Alpha Test.

-April 2004, Knights Templar Guild Wars Fansite is created.

-June 2004, KT joins other like-minded Guilds as G.A.M.E. in Alpha Testing.

-July 2004, Knights Templar Fansite Forums are created for the Guild Wars community.

-July 2004, KT Fansite joins the official Guild Wars Community Fansite Listing.

-August 2004, European Terminal Clan [ETC] merges with Knights Templar.

-October 2004, Guild Wars Fansite Friday #19 Interview with KT.

-November 2004, KT is recognized as an Alpha Tester Guild.

-December 2004, Knights Templar Fansite is awarded status as Official Guild Wars Fansite.

-February 2005, Knights Templar finishes 36th in the BWE GvG Event.

-March 2005, KT team finishes #21 on the official Guild Wars Ladder for the final Beta Weekend Event.

-May 2005, ArenaNet recognizes 2 KT members as Top 25 Alpha Testers, and 4 additional KT members as Top 100 Commended Alpha Testers.

-May 2005, Guild Wars in game honor of KT's leader - The Wanderer as an in game NPC "collector" Jamie the Wanderer!

-June 2005, Knights Templar Guild honored by ArenaNet with Guild of the Week Interview #7.

-June 2005, The Guardian a founder of KT is pictured in the Guild Wars Prima Official Game Guide on page 18.

-November 2005, Knights Templar Guild honored by formal alliance with ULGG, United Legit Gaming Guilds.

-March 2006, Knights Templar honored by ArenaNet Guild Wars listing of Knights Templar Guild Wars Official Fan Site in the Factions Pre-Order.

-May 2006, Knights Templar Guild wins The Tournament of Ostara - The Battle of the Spring Equinox or the Season of the Phoenix across Tyria! in undefeated 6 - 0 set of matches!

-June 2006, Knights Templar joins zBoard's "Guild Wars Enthusiast Program".

  • Knights Templar will be featured in an issue of zBoard's monthly newsletter.
  • A zBoard and Guild Wars Factions keyset was presented to the KT Warlord, Wanderer of KT (a fearless KT Guild Elder and Leader) for his tireless efforts, knowledge base and skill so freely shared with many in the Guild Wars community enhancing their experiences within this wonderful game.
  • Knights Templar will be listed on zBoard's Community Card at all zBoard major events
  • Plus, the biggie for all those loyal Knights Templar Guild Wars Official Fan Site community members, prizes and offers for the fan site community including: Games, Hardware, Zboard products, Zstore discounts and other cool SWAG.

-July 2006, Knights Templar receives continued ArenaNet / Guild Wars recognition as an Official Fansite.

-July 2006, KT team finishes #44 on World Championship Season Three Open Event July 2006.

-July 2006, The Knights Templar Alliance owns one of the largest cities, The Harvest Temple.

-August 18 thru 20th 2006, Knights Templar host First Annual Knights Templar Pilgrimage @ Orlando, FL - 3 Day Event.

-August 2006, KT team finishes #51 Guild Wars Open Event Ladder.

-May 2007, KT team finishes #9 Guild Wars inaugural season of the $100,000 Tournament.

-May 2007, KT Leader: Jamie the Wanderer finishes #14 in the Guild Wars inaugural 1v1 season of the $100,000 Tournament.

-June 17th 2007, Father's Day Associated Press published articles in major newspapers and online reviewing how fathers bond and influence lives of their children through internet gaming. ArenaNet submitted Mahomet (Guy Buckmaster) for interview with Associated Press News Service.

  • On Mahomet's B-Day, Guild Wars announces the publishings on June 29th official postings on Press Coverage.

-July 26th 2007, IBM, Stanford, and MIT conduct study about gamers and their experience that qualifies them for top management job's. Mahomet's (Guy Buckmaster) picture with Guild Wars garb chosen for Times article.

-August 2007, KT Leader: Jamie the Wanderer finishes #6 in the Guild Wars 4th 1v1 season of the $100,000 Tournament.

-October 2009, several KT members gain entrance into Guild Wars Test Krewe.

We are not a guild that is looking to grow in numbers just for the sake of numbers. We aspire to insure our home is fitting for our knights. KT is extremely cautious when bringing in new members, and only offer membership to those who we know will fit well with our group; people we have gotten to know really well, those with whom we have gamed with for quite a while.

By Knights Templar being an invite only Guild, we are able to stay small and tight-knit. We only invite people whom we know reasonably well, and whom we like.

Most all of our current members were either friends of someone who was already a member, or people we respected in the community and invited because we liked their attitude, posts, PvP activities.