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Legendary Armor, Part I : Envoy Armor I

by Loren Michael on Jul 21, 2017 at 06:20 AM}
Hey KT!

Since I've been doing a lot of raiding lately with Legendary Armor as a long-term goal, I thought I'd take the time to split up the (very daunting) Envoy Armor I Collection into a slightly more cohesive and streamlined process for anyone else who might want to take on the task for themselves. This isn't the best, most efficient guide, but hopefully I've built it in such a way that when you've decided to start working on getting raid boss kills, you won't have to do more than you want to to finish the collection.

I built this entirely by myself, and I haven't quite finished everything in my own collection yet, so if you find any problems with it please let me know and I'll edit the post.

Good luck!

Envoy Armor I Collection Guide

After reading a couple guides to walk through the Envoy Armor I collection, I decided that it would be helpful to organize items and tasks by raid wing, rather than item by item. This way, you can gather up all the stuff you need to have on your character when you go into a raid so you have it when you've made the kill. There are ~6 items for each wing. There are some items that you will need to have in your inventory before going in to the raid, some of them you will get from kills (and often have to take somewhere else in Tyria), and some things you will have to collect with multiple kills to complete the collection. Some of these items will only work immediately after killing a boss - entering a cleared instance, for instance, will not work. This guide will be written in raid wing order (Spirit Vale, then Salvation Pass, then Stronghold of the Faithful) with the intention of being able to get into a group that will clear the instance. Hopefully your head isn't spinning yet. Also, please check out Pocket's recent post in the PvE forums about the Discord server "The Raider's Inn" - this has been an incredibly useful resource for me in learning each of the bosses. Every week for the last month or so I've been able to complete 10 or 11 of the 15 bosses and events that have been released so far, and they've made the experience not only easy, but incredibly enjoyable. (Thanks, PK!)

Here we go!

Spirit Vale Items and Guides

Items to have in your inventory for Wing 1:
1. Living Crystal
2. Soul Mirror

Items you will get from kills or chests:
1. Energy Crystal (for Auric Energy Crystal)
2. Spirit Threads (for Spirit Weave)
3. Ectoplasmic Residue (for Coagulated Ectoplasm)
3. Core of Flame

Bosses and Events in Wing 1:
Vale Guardian
Spirit Woods
Gorseval the Multifarious
Sabetha the Saboteur

Infused Living Crystal

You need to have a Living Crystal in your inventory when you get to Vale Guardian, the first raid boss in Spirit Vale.

To get the Living Crystal, follow THIS MAP or the video below to the Whitebear's Pride II Strongbox in Tangled Depths. Once you land by the Strongbox, you will need to kill an earth elemental and then 3 veteran earth elementals in order to trigger a hidden wall opening to reveal the Strongbox and a couple nodes. One of the elementals should drop the Living Crystal, but make sure you get the Strongbox, too - there's an achievement for getting it.

Once the Living Crystal is in your inventory, you can Infuse it by approaching and interacting with one of the pylons around Vale Guardian before he is killed.

Infused Soul Mirror

Before going through the Spirit Woods event (after Vale Guardian, before Gorseval) you need to make sure that you have a Soul Mirror in your inventory. Talk to the Exalted NPC Burnisher Kengo at the pylon by Northwatch Decent in Auric Basin. Sometimes he is running an event chain, but you might be able to talk to him in the middle of everything to get the Mirror.

Once you have the Soul Mirror, you can do the Spirit Woods event. Someone in the group needs to carry a torch through the entire event without dropping it to light a brazier at the other end of the path. Once you've finished the Spirit Woods events, that person needs to take the torch and light the Brazier off to the right while you're looking at Gorseval's spawn area. Go and talk to that Brazier and the Soul Mirror will be replaced by an Infused Soul Mirror. (I'm about 80% certain that you do NOT have to do the Spirit Woods events in order to make this exchange, as long as the Brazier is lit.)

Might be able to be done in cleared instance.

Coagulated Ectoplasm

While you're over by the Brazier for your Infused Soul Mirror, you can grab a couple of the chests that have a chance to drop Ectoplasmic Residue. You need to collect 10 Ectoplasmic Residue in order to infuse them into the Coagulated Ectoplasm you need for the collection.

Since there are only 4 chests in the entire map (1 after you complete the Spirit Woods event, 2 nearby, and 1 after Sabetha) you will need to enter the map for multiple weeks in order to collect all 10 pieces. That's ok though, because you will also need to kill Gorseval 5 times for one of the other items - you'll have other chances to grab those chests. You'll only see the one on the pedestal by the torch if you participate in Spirit Woods, though.

Able to be done in cleared instance.

Auric Energy Crystal

Once you've killed the Vale Guardian, you should get an Energy Crystal from the chest. When you're all done with your raid, go to The Inner Chamber in Tarir in the Auric Basin (under the city to the SE). As you walk into the center of the Chamber, your Energy Crystal should be replaced with an Auric Energy Crystal.

Spirit Weave

To get this item, you will need to kill Gorseval 5 times and also complete the Chak Gerent map meta in Tangled Depths 5 times. Each time you kill Gors, you will receive a Spirit Thread. Complete the Chak Gerent event to change 1 Spirit Thread into an Energized Spirit Thread. Collect 5 Energized Spirit Threads to combine into a single Spirit Weave.

Gors 5x > Spirit Threads > Chak Gerent 5x > 5 Energized Spirit Threads > Spirit Weave

Core of Flame

The Core of Flame is simply looted from the kill chest for Sabetha the Saboteur.

Salvation Pass Items and Guides

Collection Items for Wing 2:
1. Arcane Dust
2. Mushroom Medley
3. Giant Beehive
4. Vial of Forsaken Thicket Waters
5. Spirit Quest Tonic
6. Bloodstone Fragment

Bosses and Events in Wing 2:
1. Slothasor
2. Bandit Trio
3. Matthias Gabriel

Mushroom Medley

The Mushroom Medley item combines 4 items together:

1. Noxious Mushroom Cap (drop from killing Slothasor)
2. Mushroom Emperor Gills (drop from killing the Champion Mushroom Emperor in Tangled Depths - link to wiki page for location)
3. Orrian Truffle (1)
4. Sawgill Mushroom (1)

Once you have all 4 of those things in your inventory, double-click on one of them and the items will combine into the Mushroom Medley.

Giant Beehive

After the Bandit Trio, exit the camp to the north and head west. You will see a large tree with a wooden ramp up the side similar to other bandit camps in Tyria. At the top of the maze of ramps you'll find a beehive that you have to hit to get it to drop from the tree so you can interact with it to get your Giant Beehive item.

Able to be done in cleared instance.

Arcane Dust

When you kill Matthias, you will receive Bloodstone Powder from the chest. To turn it into Arcane Dust, you need to loot the chest at the end of the Sanctum Scramble adventure in Auric Basin to get Powdered Aurillium. Once you have both powders, double click one of them to combine to make Arcane Dust. Note: You do not have to actually complete the Sanctum Scramble to loot the chest at the end of the course... but you should, because its fun.

Vial of Forsaken Thicket Waters

Also after killing Matthias, go over to one of the fountains on the perimeter of the temple. Doing so will put a Vial of Forsaken Thicket Waters in your inventory. This only works right after your kill, so don't leave the instance until you've gotten it!

Spirit Quest Tonic

To obtain this item, simply combine the 4 items above - Arcane Dust, Mushroom Medley, Giant Beehive and the Vial of Forsaken Thicket Waters. (Double click on any item to combine all 4 from your inventory.)

Bloodstone Fragment

Looted from the chest after killing Matthias.

Stronghold of the Faithful Items and Guides

Items to have in your inventory for Wing 3:
1. Itzel Spirit Poison
2. Polished Aurillium

Items you will get from kills or chests:
1. Bloodstone Battery (Empty)
2. Stone Soul
3. Spirit Strings
4. Tormented Aurillium
5. Blood-Infused Ectoplasm
6. White Mantle Ritual Goblet

Bosses and Events in Wing 3:
1. Siege the Stronghold ("Escort", ends with McLeod the Silent)
2. Keep Construct (KC)
3. Twisted Castle (TC)
4. Xera

Bloodstone Battery (Charged)

After killing McLeod the Silent at the end of Siege the Stronghold ("Escort"), you will receive a Bloodstone Battery (Empty) in your inventory. To charge the battery, go to Tangled Depths to the second floor of Rata Novus. (To get there, you might have to do the event chain with Agent Zildi.) Once you complete the events or find a map with a safe Rata Novus, look around the second floor of the lab. You will find a hexagon-shaped terminal that let you interact with it when you get close enough.

Soul of the Keep

You should receive a Stone Soul from the Keep Construct kill chest. When you're done raiding, go to Tangled Depths and find a Chak Slinger or a Chak Lobber. Wait until it's thrown its goop on the ground, stand in the goop to get the Goop debuff () and double click the Stone Soul to release the soul.

Spirit Strings

Go to Verdant Brink to buy Itzel Spirit Poison from the vendor at the entrance for 100 Airship Parts and 1 gold. Before starting the fight with the Keep Construct, activate the poison. It will give you a buff that will last 15 minutes. Make sure to reapply it after every wipe so it does not expire when you get your boss chest - if you don't, you will have to wait until the next week to try again. There is a bug reported that sometimes removes the buff if you get downed, so if that happens, try to double check before the end of the fight. If done successfully, you will get the Spirit Strings from the loot chest.

Tormented Aurillium

Before heading in, you need to buy a Polished Aurillium from Scavenger Rakatin in the Westwatch area of Auric Basin (Westwatch Waypoint, head north). He will ask you for a "rare crafted axe, scepter, rifle, or pants with a Rampager's insignia." They can easily be found on the trading post (current price):

Rampager's Krait Battleaxe (~75s)
Rampager's Krait Shooter (~1g 14s)
Rampager's Krait Wand (~1g 30s)
Rampager's Gladiator Legplates (~1g)
Rampager's Noble Pants (~3g)
Rampager's Masquerade Leggings (~88s)

Once you bring him one of those items, he will give you 1 Provisioner Token, which will allow you to buy the Polished Aurillium. While going through the Twisted Castle maze (either upon entry or while killing mobs) you should receive the Tormented Aurillium. If you do not, try double clicking on the Polished Aurillium while in the maze to get it to activate.

*** NOTE: You will also need to buy another item from these Provisioners that costs 50 Provisioner Tokens if you plan on making Legendary Armor. There are other Provisioners who ask for different gear. Each of them can only be approached for a token once daily, so plan ahead, figure out the cheapest options, and keep going back to them so you don't end up waiting on Provisioner's Tokens! Here is a LINK to the Wiki that shows all of the weapons you can get and their pricing.***

Blood-Infused Ectoplasm

Found by looting chests inside the Twisted Castle maze. This item is RNG, much like the Coagulated Ectoplasm in Wing 1. You might have to try for a few weeks before finding one.

White Mantle Ritual Goblet

Looted from the chest after killing Xera.


This is...most impressive, Loren. Keep up the nice work.
Thanks Cav! ☺
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