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KT Turns 12 and GW2 SotG TL;DR

by Loren Michael on Jan 12, 2016 at 05:11 PM}
Hello Knights! Popping in to make sure everyone is aware that our guild is turning 12 years old this month. Been a wild ride so far, and I'm glad all of you are here to celebrate with us.

Also in the news today, ArenaNet has released a State of the Game update with a LOT of information that I thought I'd truncate a little bit so you don't have to read the entire wall of text...

Colin writes in the beginning of the article: "2016 marks a turning point for the developmental focus of the Guild Wars 2 franchise." ... "In 2016 we aim to provide a more balanced focus, which will see efforts divided equally between providing regular updates and working toward the next expansion."

Seasonal Game Updates

  • Major updates to the game every 3 months (quarterly)
  • First major quarterly update is released on January 26th

Included in the January 26th Update:

  • Gliding in Central Tyria with completion of Glider Basics Mastery (I believe this is T1 of the mastery)
  • Update to The Shatterer including new Meta achievements and a back-slot item upon completion
  • Fractals overhaul - Adjusting scale inside hub, daily achievements displayed while inside
  • Event Participation overhaul - applying boons and removing conditions from allies will now give as much event participation as damage
  • Squad QoL Updates - Leaders can appoint Lieutenants to organize, invite, kick, and broadcast messages. Leaders can also mark locations, players and enemies with symbols that appear both in the game world and on the mini-map.
  • WvW objective upgrades will now only trigger after a certain number of dolyaks have delivered supplies
  • Kills in WvW will now be counted toward server score - 1 point per kill
  • Rallying in WvW will now only include 1 player rallying instead of 5
  • Reviving defeated (double downed) players in WvW can only be done when out of combat.
  • Stronghold gets a new hero - Tybalt Leftpaw
  • Brew of the Month club - 12 month program, gives title, backpack skin and guild hall decoration when completed
  • New World and Raid boss guild decorations - upgraded over time to resemble the new world boss trophy chests
  • Additional key bind options for the action camera, ground targeting and autotargeting as well as a new check box that will show interactable objects
  • Major balance update, which was mentioned in Karl's recent post on the forums - more to come Friday

Early 2016 Events

  • Lunar New Year returning
  • Next raid wing: Salvation Pass - includes new masteries to train, release date TBD
  • PvP League Launching on February 23rd - new rewards, badge reset, guild leaderboard reset, new guild leaderboard rewards.
  • ESL Season 1 Finals continue on Mondays throughout January to Championship in February

Long Term Changes

  • Living World Season 3 - regular updates will be returning
  • More Fractals updates - Fractal leaderboards, more information on Legendary backpiece, polish, balance, and NEW Fractals
  • Major WvW Update - large-scale overhaul in the works to help core issues (population balance, scoring, rewards, coverage) and also mentioned a beta phase of the project that will be discussed more later on in the year.
  • WvW Tournaments remain on hold, to return after the overhaul

That's pretty much it. I tried to highlight the major points from the article but might have missed a few minor details.

Cheers, and Happy Birthday, KT!



Happy Birthday Everyone!

Schweet! And Happy B-Day, KT! <3
I second Hoshi's comment. TO STRONGHOLD!
Happy Bday!
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