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Years end with Knights Templar

by Canis on Dec 23, 2015 at 01:42 PM}

Another year has passed and our guild grows one year older. We’ve seen lots of members return and have added a few more to our family. Here’s hoping to another fun year!

I’m sure a few of you might be wondering why there is an image of a wolf pack above. Well one reason is because I’m Canis Lupis. Another reason is because I think the image has a connection to our guild.

“The first 3 are the old or sick, they give the pace to the entire pack so they aren't left behind. Then come the 5 strongest, the front line. Last is the alpha from there he can see everything and control direction.”

As a guild we will always move together, we won’t abandon anyone in the pack. We’ve got hardcore and casual players, as well as old and new members but we continue to stick together and in the back the alpha can watch it all from a distance.

Interestingly enough the idea of a pack hierarchy has recently been disproven and the information above is not believed to be true anymore, however it doesn’t mean we can’t draw inspiration from it, and the new theory actually has some connections to our guild as well…

Today it’s believed that wolf packs are actually very family oriented, there is still an alpha male and female that leads the pack, usually from the front but most of the pack that follows them are family members.

So there are two theories, an older outdated one based on hierarchy and a newer one based on family.

I like to think Knights Templar is a mix of these two theories. We are a pack, but we are a family as well.

Have a happy holiday and a great New Years.


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Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Canis. :)

Happy Holidays to you, as well, and a happy New Year, too. :)
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